Ekenäs bokkalas - Bjarki Bragason

Thursday 6-7 pm
10600 Tammisaari, Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland

In the talk, artist Bjarki Bragason will discuss his work in which narratives of individuals during times of conflict are told through built space and performative actions. Bjarki’s recent exhibition at the Schildt Foundation in collaboration with Pro Artibus, Thalatta (The Sea), follows the construction of a controversial prison-like refugee camp on the island of Leros, Greece, juxtaposed with the history of the recently reconstructed Alvar Aalto library in Vyborg, Russia. In these two seemingly unrelated places, Bjarki sought to reflect on histories that deal with memory and an understanding of history.

Bjarki Bragason (b. 1983) studied at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, UdK Berlin, and received an MFA from CalArts, Los Angeles. Recent solo exhibitions include Past Understandings and Desire Ruin at Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum and Naturhistorisches Museum. Bjarki is assistant professor and BA programme director in fine arts at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

This event is a part of Bokkalaset, www.bokkalaset.fi
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