Göran Schildt - Photographer 16.6 - 20.8.2017

The exhibition includes black and white photographs taken by Göran Schildt (1917-2009) during their many trips in the Mediterranean area. Göran Schildt was author in the first instance, but the need to illustrate his texts made him an improvised photographer.
He had a well-developed sense of composition and the exhibition contains human portraits as well as landscapes and antique monuments. Through these photographs, the visitor gets an insight into other cultures and other realities.

The exhibition in Villa Schildt includes architect student Iris Andersson's Master's thesis on Villa Kolkis. The work has been done at the Aalto University Architectural Department.

This is how Iris Andersson describes her work:

My Master's thesis is based on a collaboration between the Christine and Göran Schildt Foundation, Aalto University Department of Architecture and the Greek island of Leros, where the Schildts' lived. This Master's thesis is made up of six essays, photographs, watercolor paintings and measurement drawings. Material has been collected in a diary form by photographing, measuring, drawing, painting, writing, listening and interviewing. I lived on the island for more than three months. The work features images from all over the island, but the main focus is on Villa Kolkis, of which exact measurement drawings have been made. An interview with Christine Schildt adds a unique layer to the documentation work done on the island.

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PHOTO: Magnus Lindberg
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